Standardized labeling processes across the supply chain can help achieve the accuracy and efficiency goals of lean and Six Sigma programs, allowing tracking systems to be deployed deeply into the production cycle, and providing the interoperability that’s crucial to delivering value in today’s build-to-order and JIT supply environments. 

Having the right labeling system in place — one that is secure, proven and reliable; that integrates completely with existing systems and workflows to enable single source of truth data management and closed loop workflows; and that scales and adapts to evolving business practices — can be the difference between a successful labeling system that simplifies the supply chain and a complicated one that creates costs.

BarTender® barcode and label software is an integral component of the logistics, warehousing, transportation, compliance and traceability labeling strategies of the world’s supply chains. 

BarTender can help you accelerate your value chain transformation, providing integrated business planning and interoperability, while offering ease of deployment and legendary technical support, all backed by industry expertise — we understand the competitive, rapidly changing and complex operating environments of today’s supply chains.

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