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TSC Business Solutions Ltd has completed the successful implementation of Mailroom, the popular internal mail and parcel tracking system, at University of Edinburgh.

University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s leading research and teaching universities, providing over 600 degree courses. More than 28,000 students from around the world are taught in the highest quality learning and teaching environment. The halls of residence houses 2,000 students throughout the academic year, all of whom have post sent to them on a regular basis. The post room at the halls is consequently very busy, handling over 100 items of post per day on average and rising to more than 150 per day during busy times, at the start of terms for example.

“Although the system we had previously was sufficient we needed to upgrade to something that would give us more functionality and take us into the future with the expected increase in throughput and the increasing need to efficiently record that a student has received their post.” Said Iain Dobson, IT Services Officer at Accommodation Services. “TSC spent time understanding our requirements and guiding us to the right solution. We find the system to be very user friendly and offers us scalability for the future.”

Mailroom is an internal mail tracking and proof of delivery software system, using PC based software and hand held data capture terminals. It is designed to enable large organisations to track the movement of mail and parcels between mail room and recipients within their organisation. Mailroom is currently used in banks, universities, hospitals and many other large organisations. Incoming mail and parcels are booked on to the system and hand held terminals are used to record the movement of the items by scanning the unique barcode allocated to the mail on arrival.

“Mailroom has the ability to automatically send an email to a recipient to tell them that post has arrived for them and this is ideally suited to the way in which university halls of residence work” said Martin Cameron, Sales Director at TSC. “It means the students come to collect their post from reception when there is post for them rather than clogging the system with unnecessary enquiries”

“For us the main attractions of Mailroom were the electronic capture of signatures for proof of delivery. The ability to  import all the students names and email addresses at the beginning of term was another important factor and we were happy to sponsor the development of this functionality.” Said Iain Dobson.

TSC Business Solutions Ltd. is a provider of barcode tracking and identification systems. Solutions include the supply of barcode and label printing systems, scanners and portable data capture systems for a wide variety of industries.

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