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Asset tracking without the right tools

The Norton Radstock College, located 10 miles southwest of Bath, delivers continuing education curriculum to adults and young people. As the leading provider of vocational education in the area, Norton Radstock College partners with local employers to provide apprenticeship and training opportunities for students. With current enrollment of over 6,000 students, the college’s IT department is responsible for tracking traditional IT assets including laptop computers and servers, as well as over 500 software titles. Although the IT team utilized a spreadsheet-based tracking system, staff spent a significant amount of time searching for lost or missing assets. “Our spreadsheet always seemed incorrect,” explains Phil Staples, head of IT at Norton Radstock College.

Seeking an asset tracking solution

Norton Radstock College needed a more efficient way to track IT assets. “I have used products from Wasp Barcode Technologies in the past, so I went straight to the Wasp website to find a solution,” Phil Staples said. Wasp MobileAsset fits the college’s needs, providing an easy, efficient way to track IT assets and software. MobileAsset allows the IT staff to see exactly what assets the college owns and where each item is located.

Norton Radstock College also purchased a solution that included a WPA1200 mobile device, which allows users to scan and update assets from current locations, and then sync the data back to the PC.

The road to improved efficiency

“Implementation was simple. We entered our assets into the database and determined our naming convention in 90 minutes,” Staples said. The IT team created barcoded asset tags for each individual item, making it easy to check assets in or out. Now, the IT team has complete visibility of asset locations and due dates, which has significantly reduced equipment loss. Previously, conducting an audit of IT assets was complex and time consuming. The IT staff would spend hours searching for missing items. With MobileAsset, audit time has been reduced from a full business day to one hour. “MobileAsset has saved my team two weeks per year in time spent searching for misplaced assets,” Staples points out, “And my IT team doesn’t have to spend time doing jobs they consider unimportant and menial, although they are quite important.” The software’s reporting features also allow the finance department to access essential data, without extensive product training. MobileAsset has a lot of functionality, but is still accessible to a nontechnical end user,” comments Staples. “Wasp's MobileAsset does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. So many products over-promise and under-deliver,” concludes Staples, “MobileAsset has made life a lot easier for the IT team, and made our staff more efficient.”

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