Mailroom has been voted the Best Parcel Tracking System in the UK by CV magazine!

Does your organisation redistribute incoming post, parcels or packages, or collect mail for dispatch?

Do you ever lose important mail items “in the system”?

With Mailroom, our inbound package tracking system, you will never lose important post or parcels again!

Mailroom is an inbound parcel tracking system and Proof of Delivery (POD) software system, using PC based software and hand held data capture terminals, designed to enable you to track the movement of mail and packages between mail room and recipients within your organisation.

  • Easy recording of arriving and departing mail
  • Automatic email to recipient for incoming mail
  • Pigeon-hole Collections
  • Fast mail tracking
  • Signature capture for Proof-of-Delivery (PoD)
  • Courier and Van deliveries
  • Web based parcel tracking and reporting
  • Mail trolley delivery and collection
  • Portable scanners
  • Barcode printing
  • Fast return on investment

Who can use Mailroom?

Mailroom is an on-premise software solution which is totally secure behind your own firewalls. It can therefore be used by:

  • Banks, Building Societies
  • Companies with large sites with many buildings
  • NHS Trusts: doctors surgeries, ambulance stations, outlying departments
  • Universities: internal departments, student post tracking in halls of residence
  • Companies with single site with many floors and departments.
  • Carriers and courier companies

 Some current users of Mailroom


Click here to view the case study "University of Edinburgh chooses Mailroom to track student post"

Click here to view the case study "RAF Cosford improves parcel tracking with Mailroom"

If you would like a free on line demonstration of Mailroom please click here: on line demo request


How does Mailroom work?

On arrival at the mail-room the incoming mail items, letters, parcels or packages are labelled with a barcode, or the external courier barcode can be used to save time. The items are then booked in against the recipient on the internal mail tracking system PC software using a barcode scanner.


Either pre-printed rolls of barcode labels can be supplied or the internal tracking barcode is printed on a desk top printer such as the TSC TTP 247

This can also be supplied as part of the system.

Details of the package contents, reference number, courier, weight, type of item: large letter, box etc, can all be recorded. An optional email can be automatically sent to the recipient to notify them that a mail item has been received for them.

If large quantities of mail are handled a batching system can be used. Bundles of mail items for the same addressee or drop off point are tracked in the same way.


 Internal mail delivery personnel are equipped with a hand held terminal which they log on to. They scan each parcel when collecting from the Mailroom and signature capture is used when the mail item is delivered to the recipient for proof-of-delivery. They can also photograph the item in case of damage.

 The hand held terminal application is now available on Android.

We can supply a PDA that will wirelessly connect across an internal WiFi network or GPRS connection for real time update of the delivery tracking system. Or they can be downloaded on return to the post-room for batch updating of the mail tracking software. 

For more information on the hardware options click here: Mailroom Hardware Options  


If an item of mail is returned to the post room undelivered and no PoD is obtained a failed delivery email can be automatically sent to the recipient.

The process works in reverse for out going mail and parcels that are to be collected form a location in the organisation and taken to the Mailroom for collection by courier or postal service.

If a mail package is lost there is a complete audit trail of all movements of the item from the point it was booked in at the post-room so that it’s last known location can be traced.

Recipients and other staff can track parcels and view reports through the internal parcel tracking web module.


Mailroom has the following reports:

  • Proof of Delivery report
  • Transaction logs by Mail, location, recipients, user
  • Collected mail report
  • Delivered mail report
  • Mail storage report
  • Top recipients report
  • Mail volume report
  • Peak delivery times report
  • Disposed mail report
  • Mail stats report by recipient, sender, type, location, carrier, user.


Summary of Mailroom functions:

  • Easy entry of arriving mail with tethered barcode scanner
  • Bar code Label printing on arrival of mail
  • Sorting of mail into mail types – parcels, letters etc
  • Email advice to recipient on arrival of mail in the Mailroom, singly or batched
  • Hand held terminals with bar-code scanning and signature capture for proof of delivery.
  • Email advice of uncollected mail items
  • Scheduled Disposal of uncollected mail items
  • Collection of outgoing mail items 
  • Windows mobile PDAs receipt and delivery programs
  • Fast search and retrieve
  • Multi user or single user
  • Universal internet access to data
  • Document scanning
  • Easy import of database of recipients.
  • Ability to change field heading and names to your own terminology


Do you want to see how our internal package tracking system works? We can show you via our on-line demonstration service. Click on the link below to register your interest and we will contact you by phone or email to arrange a suitable time for you. We then send you a URL to link to and one of our experienced trainers will walk you through all the functionality of the PC and hand held terminal software answering any questions you may have as we go.

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