Get in control of your stock with Wasp InventoryControl – the complete stock management solution for laboratories. 

Wasp Inventory Control will help you eliminate common stock control problems including: 

  • Costly end of year stock write-offs
  • Inaccurate inventory counts 
  • Wasted time spent searching for missing or misplaced stock
  • Wastage of time sensitive stock by monitoring what is going out of date
  • Running out of vital stock

Engineered to improve efficiency, Wasp InventoryControl provides the capabilities you need to accurately track stock, without the complexity or expense of an enterprise solution. Easy. Efficient. Affordable. 

“InventoryControl has improved our efficiency. We are able to process more samples per day because staff are not wasting time looking for stock. Also we have managed to reduce our material costs over the year because we are making better use of time sensitive materials. We are very impressed with the system and with TSC” Associate Practioner, Whiston Hospital

UKAS standard ISO15189

Accreditation of all diagnostic services is a business plan priority for the NHS in England. As part of a strategy to modernise the UK’s pathology services, the country’s 900+ pathology laboratories, need to gain certification to the internationally recognised standard ISO 15189. Wasp Inventory Control will help your lab to comply with the UKAS standard ISO15189 for the medical laboratory which dictates that a lab must have an inventory control system in place which provides the means to properly manage all the materials used in the provision of service. Inventorycontrol will help you:

  • Maintain sufficient reagents and materials for patient testing
  • Track dates when a lot number was in use
  • Ensure none of the reagents are expired
  • See when to order reagents and in what quantity
  • Improve operating budget by limiting the on-hand inventory and the associated costs
  • Operate within established regulatory guidelines for good laboratory practice.

Ideal for all types of laboratory, ranging from small labs to larger operations with multiple locations, Inventory Control delivers advanced capabilities in an easy-to-use format. Inventory Control is recommended for:

  • Pathology main stores
  • Microbiology lab stores
  • Pharmaceutical labs 
  • Individual departments
  • Small stock rooms & supply closets

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GS1 Barcodes

Healthcare inventory failures cause spiralling costs. They also place a burden on clinical staff – detracting from patient care. Yet across the medical sector there remains poor transparency around stock levels; leading to waste, inefficiency and inconsistency in treatment standards. In a bid to combat this trend and improve outcomes, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is introducing GS1 barcode standards to track products across the medical supply chain down to point of use at the patient level – via handheld scanners and barcoded wristbands. 

Across six NHS demonstrator sites, over £700,000 of savings have already been identified by introducing GS1 barcode standards (Source:

• £233,000 in stock reduction/ one off stock holiday
• £462,000 in wastage/ obsolescence reductions
• £46,000 in non-clinical pay efficiencies

Based on these initial findings, the average local NHS trust could boost operational efficiency by £2.4 million and save £1.5 million in inventory annually.

In conjunction with Wasp Barcode Technologies, we offer a rigorously tested suite of products engineered to improve healthcare stock control, and support your laboratory's move to GS1 barcode standards. With the Wasp Dragonfly application for PC and hand held terminals, Wasp InventoryControl is fully compliant with the requirement to read and interpret the GS1 barcode standard, both 1D and 2D, allowing item number, lot number and expiry date to be recorded with one scan of the barcode. 

InventoryControl allows you to define multiple sites (General stores, different departments) with multiple locations (store room, freezer, cold room). It’s simple to track your stock by location, lot number, expiry date or any combination of the numerous ‘track bys’.


Easily create barcode labels with Wasp Inventory Control. Print barcode labels or stock tags using data from the Inventory Control database. Attach barcoded labels to stock items, physical locations or pallets to quickly improve efficiency.

This ready-to-use stock control solution includes:

  • InventoryControl software 
  • 5 or unlimited PC licenses
  • 5 Mobile device license with Dragonfly app (mobile devices available separately)
  • Dragonfly application for reading GS1 barcodes
  • Integrated full version of WaspLabeler (barcode labelling software)
  • Free, unlimited technical support for the life of the product


Some users of Inventory Control:

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TSC Business Solutions are able to provide a complete "turn key" solution, including specifying the system, providing software and hardware, installation and training your personnel.

Prices start with the following:

Wasp InventoryControl Professional

5 x PC licences, unlimited users, 5 x mobile Dragonfly licenses. Software only.  £2,899*
5 x PC licences, unlimited users, 5 x mobile Dragonfly licenses. Software + printer  £3,399*
5 x PC licences, unlimited users, 5 x mobile Dragonfly licenses. Software  + printer + handheld  £3,699*

Wasp InventoryControl Enterprise 

Unlimited PC licences, unlimited users, 5 x Mobile Dragonfly licences. Software only  £3,699*
Unlimited PC licences, unlimited users, 5 x Mobile Dragonfly licences. Software + printer  £4,399*
Unlimited PC licences, unlimited users, 5 x Mobile Dragonfly licences. Software + printer + handheld  £4,699*


*Prices excluding VAT, delivery, installation and training


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