Wasp MobileAsset is the Number One selling, industry-leading asset tracking solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Wasp has perfected an all-in-one solution to solve the asset tracking needs of government and educational agencies, healthcare, and small to large companies across the globe. This asset tracking solution is capable of meeting the high demands of your business while still remaining simple enough to master right out of the box!

If you're currently using a spreadsheet, or pen and paper, MobileAsset V7 will improve efficiency and reduce cost by automating your asset tracking process. Mobile Asset takes asset management to a higher level, giving you the ability to save time and money, end equipment losses, improve equipment maintenance, gain control over new and unnecessary equipment purchases, and more accurately compute taxes based on depreciation schedules.

Mobile Asset conveniently captures the following information in one location, saving you from having to search for misplaced, unreturned or lost equipment or documents:

  • What assets your company owns
  • Where each asset is located
  • Who has it
  • When it was checked out
  • When it is due for return
  • When it is scheduled for maintenance
  • The cost and depreciation
  • The warranty period and expiration

MobileAsset asset tracking solution stores the transaction history of an asset, so you know where it has been, how many times it has been broken or serviced, and who was the last person to check it out and for how long. MobileAsset even gives you the power to easily audit your assets to ensure 100% accuracy.

MobileAsset is the perfect asset tracking software when you need the flexibility and freedom of a mobile device. Managing company assets from behind a desk with a PC is frequently inefficient, if not impossible. Mobile Asset can be used on a mobile device so that you can track assets in remote locations, in different rooms, buildings, or in the field.

This ready-to-use asset tracking solution includes:

  • MobileAsset asset tracking software
  • 1, 5 or unlimited PC licenses
  • 1-mobile device license
  • Integrated barcode labeling software
  • Free, unlimited technical support for the life of the product

If it is a cloud based solution that you need Wasp MobileAsset can now be installed on the Microsoft Azure platform. The MobileAsset database can be hosted in the cloud and individual clients can be hosted locally, connecting to the database over a VPN from anywhere in the world. The hand held terminals can also be connected to the cloud based database via a local WiFi network. The MobileAsset Android and iOS apps for your smart phone can connect directly to the database over the mobile phone network, giving you true flexibility for managing your global assets.

Wasp MobileAsset is now available for Android and iOS!

To find the app on the Google Play store go here Wasp MobileAsset for Android

To find the app on the Apple App store go here Wasp MobileAsset for iOS

For instructions on setting up the app please download this short document: Setting up the MobileAsset app




Click here to view case study of Wasp MobileAsset at Norton Radstock College

How can Wasp MobileAsset work for you? Here are some examples of how are customers are using it

Testing and maintenance

Wasp MobileAsset is an asset management and tracking and Maintenance system that has very many applications within the testing and H&S environment. Below are many of the applications that we have addressed.

Testing and maintaining test logs

Maintenance checks and repairs by mobile sales engineers need to be recorded. The pass locator system replaces paperwork by recording the results on portable terminal.. The results can then be transmitted via GSM will be uploaded on returned to base. The system then provides a series of reports showing what was done, when and who by.

Test result labelling

Barcode Label software is used to print adhesive labels on mobile printers that can be attached to the item that has been tested recording date time and tester.

PAT Testing

A series of standard tests is set up for an item type and these standard tests are then downloaded to a hand held terminal. When the engineer does the tests the test results can be either entered manually or via a look up on the terminal. The results can then be transmitted immediately over GSM or uploaded to the system database on return to base.

Health and safety checks

Routine health and safety checks can be carried out using a hand held terminal. The standard tests for machinery safety or office and factory hygiene are loaded on the terminal from the Wasp MobileAsset system system, and then the checks are made logging the location, identity of the checker, status of the item with the date and time. They are recorded on the terminal for subsequent download to the system where reports can then be generated.

Choose your software version


Single user. 1 x mobile license. Software only. £395
Single user. 1 x mobile license. Software + printer £949
Single user. 1 x mobile license. Software + printer +handheld £1,295


5 user licences. 1 x mobile licence. Software only £1,295
5 user licences. 1 x mobile licence. Software + printer £1,895
5 user licences. 1 x mobile licence. Software + printer + handheld £2,195


Unlimited user licences. 5 mobile licences. Software only £2,595
Unlimited user licences. 5 mobile licences. Software + printer £3,095
nlimited user licences. 5 mobile licences. Software + printer + handheld £3,495 


Mobile app for IOS and Android £195


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