Does your organisation manufacture or assemble products? Do you need to know where in the process those products are? Do your products sometimes go the wrong route through production?

If so you need WIP-IT!

WIP-IT is a  Work-In-Progress tracking, or Job Tracking system designed for SMEs and small businesses. The system uses barcode technology and shop floor data collection terminals to enable you to scan products as they pass through each step of the manufacturing process, giving you vital, real time data such as their locations in the workshop and the tasks performed on them.

Work-In-Progress tracking, or WIP tracking, refers to the tracking of a Job or Works Order through the manufacturing process. In a WIP system, each item is tracked uniquely as it is fabricated, manufactured or processed. There are normally several steps to the manufacturing process and at each stage the item, or its Works Order sheet will be scanned and the required actions recorded. This process provides a very accurate record of the items journey through assembly to finished product. With this information you also have a line of accountability when there are defects or production issues.

The Key Benefits of the WIP-IT 
Job Tracking System are:

Efficiency - Automating your processes and eliminating paperwork. 

Accuracy - Reduce human error by collecting data electronically.

Traceability - Know what stage every product is at in your process with real-time information. 

 Cost saving - increased efficiency, accuracy and traceability will save costs.

Productivity - Achieve more throughout the day with a more streamline and automated process.

Fast return on investment - Cost savings and increased productivity means the system pays for itself, typically, in under a year.

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How it works
The WIP-IT Work-In-Progress tracking system, or Works Order tracking system, consists of two major components: a back office PC based software application and a shop floor data collection application using rugged wireless mobile computers or android tablets. The hand held terminals or tablets are connected to the back office system via your own internal Wi-Fi network.


The Back Office
The PC based back office application is used for displaying information clearly and simply within the system. It is also used to add new products, create work cell locations, jobs and routes and for reporting. 

Work cell locations are locations that a job or product may move to through during the manufacturing process. The system may be configured to allow a job to move to any location without restriction. Alternatively specific routing can be added that will only allow the job to follow its designated route.

Jobs can be created using the back office system. The system can generate its own barcoded Works Order sheet or Job Card, or it can generate a barcode label that can be stuck on to your existing works order form. We provide a barcode label printer as part of the WIT-IT system. Please see the Hardware Options page.

The WIP-IT job tracking system will function as a standalone system allowing all the information required for tracking to be added through the main user interface. Interfaces are available to allow information to be extracted from other system such as Sage 50 and other ERP systems. These interfaces allow order or job information to be automatically pulled into the WIP-IT job tracking software to reduce manual input. Information on completed jobs can also be passed back to the host system.

WIP-IT can be integrated with Wasp InventoryControl to give full stock management functionality.

Depending on the type of products being manufactured WIP-IT also has the ability to store a batch number or serial number against a finished part.

Shop Floor Data Collection  

We can provide rugged hand held terminals as part of the WIP-IT system. We have rugged ans semi rugged terminal options available. Please see the Hardware Options page for more information.

The most important thing for use of the data collection devices on the shop floor is not to slow down the work processes. The handheld software is, therefore, as simple as possible with minimal input required from the operator. To this end barcodes are used as the main input method.

Each user and work station has its own barcode "badge" created in the back office application.

The user simply scans their own ID badge, then the location barcode, and finally the works-order barcode. The back office system is then updated as to the jobs current location, the person working on it, the date and time, duration at current station and, if required, quantity on hand. 

The Bill-of-Materials module

The Bill-of-Materials module (BOM) allows you to allocate parts to add to the item as certain stages during the production process. The operator is prompted at the appropriate time to add the component part. Scanning the part ensures the correct part is used at the correct build point.

Check sheets can be assigned to specific work stations requiring tasks to be performed in the correct order. Information can also be recorded such at calibration or pressure test results.

Managers can interrogate the back office to check the real time location and status of any job and all the collected data can be displayed in a series of reports. 

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