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TSC Business Solutions ltd. is pleased to announce the recent implementation of their popular Mailroom parcel tracking system at RAF Cosford.

Situated in the picturesque countryside of Shropshire, RAF Cosford is home to the No 1 School of Technical Training, as part of the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering, and also to the Aerosystems Engineering and Management Training School and the No 1 Radio School. All three of these come under the Defence College of Technical Training. The RAF School of Physical Training and the Defence School of Photography are also based at Cosford. The world renowned RAF Museum is also adjacent to the site. 

“We have noticed that traditional post is giving way to parcels as consumer purchasing habits are changing with the increased use of on-line shops.” Said Dan Virgin, the Station Postal Services Manager. “With the resulting level of incoming parcels increasing dramatically we urgently needed a system that would help us manage the increase and, at the same time, make us more efficient. We approached TSC and they suggested their Mailroom product”

Mailroom is an internal mail tracking and proof of delivery system, using PC based software and hand held data capture terminals. It is designed to enable large organisations to track the movement of mail and parcels between mail room and recipients. Mailroom is currently used in banks, universities, hospitals, oil companies, airports, building management companies and many other large organisations.

“We needed to work with a reliable and dedicated company that would fully understand our needs.” Said Dan. “We looked around the market and found that TSC was highly recommended by its customers”.

TSC Business Solutions is a market leader in mobile data collection and track and trace systems. Founded in 2008 the company has a customer base as far flung as Singapore and British Columbia and including many household names. Specialising in parcel tracking, warehouse management, Work-in-progress tracking and Asset Management systems the company has over 50 years of experience of system implementation.

One of the requirements for Mailroom at RAF Cosford was lone worker tracking. The hand held terminals can be connected to the mobile phone network. This gives a real time update of the database when the delivery personnel are out delivering mail but also enables the generation of a report showing their last known location. “Our station site is very large and the delivery personnel travel all around it so it is important to know where they are in case of an accident.” Said Dan.

There are over 3000 students at RAF Cosford, most of whom live on site. Mailroom has the ability to automatically send an email to a recipient to tell them that post has arrived for them and this is ideally suited to the way in which the college works. It means the students can now come to collect their post from reception when there is post for them. 

For RAF Cosford IT security is always an issue and it was important that the system was not cloud based, as allowing their IT systems to access to the outside world is not something that can be allowed. Mailroom is a client server application which suited the situation perfectly.

“For us Mailroom has increased our efficiency beyond measure. We have just passed ten thousand parcels delivered with no lost items since we installed the system.” Said Dan. “The signature capture and proof of delivery means items don’t go missing. We are very impressed with Mailroom and TSC.” 

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