TSC Business Solutions Ltd can supply all the elements required for your RF data collection system:

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With wireless systems, it is very difficult to predict the propagation of radio waves and detect the presence of interfering signals without the use of test equipment. Walls, doors, lift shafts, people, and other obstacles offer varying degrees of attenuation, which cause the Radio Frequency (RF) radiation pattern to be irregular and unpredictable.

As a result, it is normal to perform an RF site survey to fully understand the behavior of radio waves within a facility, before installing wireless network access points.

Once the Site Survey has been completed  the next stage is the installation of the wireless Access Points about the warehouse. This involves cabling and network configuration to ensure the hand held terminals successfully connect.

Finally, the hand held terminals have to be configured to display the required prompts on the screen. This can be done with Terminal Emulators or bespoke software.

TSC Business Solutions have over 50 combined years experience in putting these solutions together for companies such as Velux, Northern Foods, MRS Distribution, Forth Ports and many others. Please follow the menu above to see how we can help.

Please look at the following case studies to see how an RF network with portable data capture can help organisations:

Harper Collins improves customer service with Psion Teklogix hand held computers.

Narrow Band RF system provides efficiencies for MRS Distribution

Forth Ports uses Psion and TSC solutions to run major supply route to Scotland and London

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