Whenever we install a product, be it software or hardware, we take the time to really make sure our customers are fully familiar with its functionality. We always build in training on our more complex software products and make sure all who are involved with it achieve the appropriate level of knowledge. We endeavour to specify with you the level of training required and who will be trained to what level at the start of the process.

From time to time staff change or you forget how to perform certain tasks in our products, what do you do? Well the first point of call is the help desk, who will put you right with the immediate problem, but to keep you up to speed TSC regularly runs training courses either at your site or at our offices. The training is structured and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Also we can tailor training sessions to your own specific needs and, if necessary, bring in out side help such as manufactures of our equipment and software specialists.

We can run our training sessions either at your own offices or we can run them on line. 

A few of the courses we offer are:

  • Thermal Transfer printer maintenance
  • Bar Tender training
  • Wasp MobileAsset training
  • Wasp InventoryControl training
  • Mailroom training

If you have a specific training need please contact us.

Please visit our enquiry page