Add barcodes to improve Sage 50, Sage One or Sage Live inventory management

Adding barcoding capability to Sage 50, Sage One or Sage Live offers a fast, efficient and error-free method of counting stock, receiving and picking orders and more. Customers introducing Stock50 stock control software for Sage have seen a picking accuracy of 99.8%! Our customers love telling us how Stock50 is helping them where others could not.

“After struggling for over a year to find a multi-location barcode system that would work with Sage 50 successfully I was extremely pleased and relieved when Stock50 came to the rescue. I dread to think what a state we would be in if we still hadn’t got a barcode system. Our picking accuracy rate has gone from 97.5% to 99.8% accuracy which is fantastic. This is also going from dispatching 736 orders in January to 1144 last month! Director of Operations - Pioneer Veterinary Products Ltd

Have you ever considered the real cost of miss-picks and incorrect deliveries?

  • Double pick time
  • Outbound courier charges.
  • Initial courier charges and return charges.
  • Potential repackaging costs.
  • Return administration time.
  • Loss of customer service.
  • Additional incentives to retain the customer.
  • Unhappy customer and potential loss of the customer.

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