The Stock50 Batch Tracking Module lets you get control of your batch controlled stock, FIFO management requirements, all in one module.

Sage 50 and Sage One doesn't offer any batch control functionality and previously if you needed batch control you had to upgrade to Sage 200 which is a very big investment to make. The alternative is to implement Stock50 with the Stock50 Batch Number Tracking Module into your Sage 50 system and you'll benefit from full batch control with FIFO management at a price that is affordable to any company.


Batch or Lot control is essential if you hold stock of products that require tracking back to their original source. Batch control is particularly important for the medical, veterinary and food / drinks industry. The Stock50 Batch Tracking Module assigns a unique barcode number for every batch / expiry combination and displays this information including location and stock quantity in the real time dashboard.

Once received all other processes within Stock50 are completed with a single scan, most other systems require 2 or 3 scans per batch, ensuring picking efficiency is maintained and allowing you to despatch more orders.

Every transaction in Stock50 is recorded in history allowing you to track individual batches from supplier through to who they were dispatched to. Giving you full traceability in the event of a product recall or individual batch problem.

Want to know more? Contact us today and we'll show you exactly how Stock50 can improve your batch / lot control as part of your stock management improvements.

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