Do you spent hours booking shipments on line with your courier dispatcher system? Do you find address information changes at the last minute and you have to go back in and change the shipment details? You can put an end to all that with the Stock50 Courier integration module.

The Stock50 Courier integration module enables you to automate courier label printing and collections straight from the Stock50 stock management software at the point of despatch.

Stock50's courier integration module takes the pain out of manually entering collection information and booking collections with your courier company by interfacing directly to their Dispatcher system.

Stock50 Courier integration module allows you to allocate service types and weights directly from the handheld terminal. Configurable special instructions can also be setup to allow you to pass simple collection information to the courier without the need to log into time consuming web-based collection systems. Delivery information is collected directly from Stock50 at the point of generating the collection request, ensuring any last minute changes made to the delivery are captured. Labels can be printed on the dedicated TSC label printer.

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