The TSC-50 Label printing module enables you to design and create your own labels within TSC-50 using a WYSIWYK environment. 

Simply set the size of the label you want to print, drag on text or barcode fields, link the text or barcode fields to a field within the TSC-50 database, save and print.

The TSC-50 Label printing module will allow you to print text of any Windows font and size, logos and product images. Sizing of the text, barcode or image is simply by dragging a corner. 

The TSC-50 label printing module enables you to create and edit:

  • Product labels
  • Outer box labels 
  • Goods-In labels
  • Location labels
  • Pallet labels
  • Serial number labels
  • Batch number labels
  • ....and many more

TSC-50 automatically invokes the printing of some labels from within the application. For example, Goods-In labels can be printed at the time goods are received in to the warehouse and can be simply triggered from the hand held terminal.

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