Wasp InventoryControl is a standalone stock control and Warehouse Management tool that provides the complete stock management solution for small businesses.

Here at TSC Business Solutions we have realised that "Standalone" is not always the answer, so we have developed the Wasp InventoryControl interface module that enables InventoryControl to link to other host systems, such as accounts systems, Web shops, ERP systems and other back office systems, making InventoryControl a fully integrated stock control solution.

Our interface module enables us to link to most systems that will allow an output and an input. Some systems we have already interfaced to include Sage 50, Agresso, Exchequer, Woo Commerce, Quickbooks, Magento, Shopify and many more.

The data that can be exchanged between a host system and InventoryControl can include:

  • Stock item information
  • Stock quantities
  • Customer data
  • Purchase Order information
  • Sales order information

Purchase Orders

The InventoryControl Interface module can pick up Purchase Orders which can be used to validate incoming goods in InventoryControl using the Goods Receipt process. Completed Purchase Order information can then be passed back to the host system if required.

Sales Orders

For companies with web shops, such as Woo Commerce, Shopify, Magento and others, the InventoryControl Interface module is especially useful as the module can pick up Sales Orders from the web shop or host system. The interface module can then use them to generate pick orders in InventoryControl. If Customer information is included as part of the incoming sales order data we can create new customers within InventoryControl on the fly and associate the out going goods to them.

Completed Sales Order information can be passed back to the host system providing new stock levels information and creating as seamless a link to the host system as possible.

How does the Wasp InventoryControl Interface Module work?

We recognise that there are a variety of systems out there written in different languages and on different database platforms, so we have built our interface module to be as flexible as possible. Our interface module can communicate with other systems in a variety of ways:

  • Direct link to an ODBC database,
  • Exchange CSV files
  • Pole folders in an FTP site
  • Exchange of XML files.

With the file exchange method the incoming data is written to a known file on the same network. The module will pole for the file and then delete it when it has been processed it.The InventoryControl interface module writes each file transaction to a history log which we can interrogate should the need arise. A simple control panel allows the administrator to change the path for the incoming and out going files and adjust the frequency of poling.

Passing information back to the host system can be done in a similar way. The field mapping tool within the interface module enables the more experienced IT administrator to associate the incoming and out going data to and from the correct fields within InventoryControl. At TSC we also offer either remote or on site assistance to set up and configure the interface module.

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