Welcome to the Wasp InventoryControl support page 

Get started using Wasp InventoryControl quickly and easily with the following series of video tutorials. The tutorial consists of chapters, designed to let you select the topic where you need the most assistance.

Wasp InventoryControl training videos

Wasp InventoryControl also comes bundled with WaspLabeler. There are separate tutorials for this here:

WaspLabeler training videos

Here are the Wasp InventoryControl quick start guides and a PDF version of the user manual and help files. The help files are also found in a searchable form in InventoryControl.

Wasp InventoryControl Quick start guide

Wasp InventoryControl User manual and help files


The PC and server specifications required to run InventoryControl can be found here: InventoryControl PC and server specs.

Hand held terminals

The DT60 Quick Start Guide and User Manual:

Wasp DT60 Quick Start Guide.

Wasp DT60 user manual.

The HC1 Quick Start Guide and User Manual:

Wasp HC1 Quick Start Guide

Wasp HC1 user manual

Label printer

The printer supplied with InventoryControl is the Wasp WPL305 barcode and label printer. The full instruction manual for the printer is here and covers setting up the printer, changing the labels and ribbon etc.

Wasp WPL305 label printer instruction manual

The following are links to the printer set up videos:

Wasp WPL205: Top cover operation

Wasp WPL302: Loading the media

Wasp WPL305: Loading the ribbon

Wasp WPL305: Power on utilities

The Wasp WPL305 printer can be set up using the TSC Diagnostic tool. A .zip file containing the diagnostic tool program and the quickstart guide can be downloaded from this link

TSC Diagnostic tool

General Support

Wasp Barcode Technologies will support your Wasp InventoryControl system for life for free! If you need assistance you can log a support ticket on the Wasp support portal by clicking the following link:

Log a new support ticket on the Wasp web site.

If you need our help with hardware or software we would be delighted to help you but we ask that you please log a support ticket via our support portal. This is the quickest and most efficient way of enabling us to help you and we ensure all tickets are tracked and monitored. For full instructions on how to use our support portal please click here: How to use the TSCBS support portal.