Welcome to the WIP-IT Work-In-Progress support page 

If you need our help with hardware or software, and you have a valid software support contract, we would be delighted to help you but we ask that you please log a support ticket via our support portal. This is the quickest and most efficient way of enabling us to help you and we ensure all tickets are tracked and monitored. For full instructions on how to use our support portal please click here: How to use the TSCBS support portal.


Hand held terminal

M3 OX10

One of the terminals supplied with the product is the OX10. Here are the Quick Start Guide and User Manual:

M3 OX10 user manual.

On a few occasions we have found that the OX10 needs to have the barcode scanner activated. The following PDF document will explain how this can be done:

Configure OX10 barcode scanner

If the scanner files are not present on the flash disc they can be downloaded from here:

Flash disc files

Zebra TC20

Another hand held terminal commonly supplied with the product is the Zebra TC20. Here is the user manual and the integrator's manual:

Zebra TC20 User's manual 

Zebra TC20 integrator's manual 

Label printer

The printer supplied with the product is the TSC TTP247 barcode and label printer. The full instruction manual for the printer is here and covers setting up the printer, changing the labels and ribbon etc.

TSC TTP247 label printer instruction manual

The following are links to the TSC printer set up videos:

TSC TTP-247/345: Top cover operation

TSC TTP-247/345: Loading the media

TSC TTP-247/345: Loading the ribbon

TSC TTP-247/345: Power on utilities

The TSC TTP247 printer can be set up using the TSC Diagnostic tool. a .zip file containing the diagnostic tool program and the quickstart guide can be downloaded from this link

TSC Diagnostic tool

The TSC TTP 247 printer is supplied with BarTender Ultralite, and WYSIWYG label design program that allows you to create your own labels. If you do not have the CD available the software can be installed from this zip file: BarTender Ultralite for TSC

General support

If you wish to log a support call with us please use the support portal on our web site by logging in at the User login/out on the main menu above.

For full instructions on how to use our support portal please click here: How to use the TSCBS support portal.